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365 – Phoenix Rising Course Description

365 – Phoenix Rising course consists of 3 Learning Modules:

  1. Self-Unwindingopens immediatley
  2. Cultivating Your Ecstatic Potentialopens 30 days after enrollment
  3. Pearls of Wisdom: Meditationopens 60 days after enrollment

“I am very much enjoying the 365 videos. I appreciate the short length of each video, the demonstrations, and how you break everything down. It’s all very helpful. Thank you for putting all that information in an accessible place.”  

Colleen Baxter

Massage Therapist

Each module contains lessons that train you at-home techniques to re-connect you to your innate power to transform and awaken to higher states of conciousness.

When practiced regularly, these techniques will help you to TRANSFORM energy blockages that developed out of your past and restore the natural flow of energy through your multidimensional body vehicle.

Increased energy flow results in a healthier, more vital, peaceful, and empowered state of being. As energy flow is restored through the body, more energy reaches your brain, which AWAKENS it. As higher brain centers become awakened, you experience insights and realizations that demystify and re-write the limited programming and illusions of your past while also illuminating your true nature.

The lessons are provided in a logical progression. However, members can view the content at their own pace and in any order. It is highly recommended that you watch the Foundational Module first. This module is FREE and provides you with the background knowledge to fully benefit from the Phoenix Rising techniques.

You are not only capable of Transformation, you were designed for it. Enjoy the Ride!

  • How to Move the Body Out of Freeze and into Energy Flow
  • How to Liberate Stuck Energy & Body Memory 
  • How to Express v.s. Suppress Emotions, Breath & Voice 
  • How to Open More Fully to Love, Acceptance & Compassion
  • How to Harmonize the Nervous System
  • How to Return to Wholeness
  • How to Center in Your Own Energy & Have Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Enter Intuitive & Meditative States of Awareness
  • How to Cultivate and Enter Ecstatic States of Energy Flow
  • Pre-requisite The Tripodi Paradigm
  • Self Unwinding Module

    • Whole Body Shaking
    • Spontaneous Flow
    • Pelvis & Spine Unwinding
    • Neck Unwinding (supine)
    • Face & Jaw Unwinding
    • Seated Unwinding
    • Hamstring Unwinding (standing)
    • Hamstring & Groin Unwinding (seated)
    • Quad & Psoas Unwinding
    • Psoas & Diaphragm Unwinding (Over a Ball)
    • Throat Chakra Unwinding
    • Third Eye Unwinding
    • Bedtime Unwinding

    Ecstatic Potential Module

    • Kundalini Paradigm
    • Pelvic Floor Activation
    • Unwinding with Kundalini
    • The Butterfly
    • Cat – Camel
    • Kundalini Prop
    • Maintaining Your Vertical
    • Nutritional Support for Kundalini

    Meditation Module

    • The Witness
    • Filters of the Mind
    • Myths of the Mind
    • The No-Mind Dimension
    • Meditative Postures
    • Focusing Awareness
    • Body Meditation
    • Moment-to-Moment Meditation
    • The Nature of Impermanence & the Eternal Dimension
    • Being vs. Doing
    • Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, pain or stress?
    • Are you unhappy in yourself, relationships or life?
    • Do you believe you are capable of a healthier, more joyful and peaceful existence?
    • Having you been striving to reach your higher potential and are ready to take your next evolutionary step?

    If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, 365 – Phoenix Rising is for you!

    • Consider devoting 20-30 minutes each day to your 365 – Phoenix Rising training. In general, the more often and consistently you practice the techniques, the better the results.
    • The only prerequisite for 365-Phoenix Rising is the Tripodi Paradigm Module, which is free and available on this site.
    • In addition to the Tripodi Paradigm module, Jonathan’s book “Freedom from Body Memory – Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past” provides education specific to the Phoenix Rising techniques and the transformational process.

    365 – Pheonix Rising is an online training and education service for accessing your transformational abilities and higher consciousness.

    It is recommended you access and practice the courses in the sequence provided rather than jump ahead. Give yourself 2 weeks to practice a technique before progressing to the next one.  

    Jonathan will host a members-only group meeting, scheduled every four weeks, to answer questions about the techniques.  Connect with other students from around the globe who are sharing the 365 journey with you.  If you cannot attend the Q & A meeting, you may watch the recording of the meeting online at your convenience.   

    Life Coaching sessions are available for purchase for those who desire 1:1 Q &.A and instruction with Jonathan.

    A Facebook community page, exclusive to 365 members, is available should you desire to connect with other members.  This virtual platform is created for students to learn from each other, sharing experiences, insights, and knowledge.

    More details available in the FAQs section on our contact page

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